Monday, April 06, 2009

Building Related Books

Just got a delivery of a bunch of home building books from Amazon. From concrete work, to measuring, drywall, framing to building a house from start to finish! I will be reviewing these over the coming weeks, but I have to say that I'm already hooked on one of them titled "How to Build a House" by Larry Haun & Habitat for Humanity. It is an easy reading book... lots of color pics, and Im already learning stuff. I picked all of these books based on reviews across the internet and the amazon reviews. Just a quick flip through of them and they all look pretty good. One thing I really like about his "Habitat for Humanity" book is that it has a checklist for the first time builder. What order to do things, when, who to go to for help, etc. Really thorough. Our house blogging friends at DIY Insanity probably already know about this book as they are part of Habitat for Humanity.

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